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E-Cubed & CCLLC Application 

Rental Application
Kindly complete our FREE application.

Here's How to Get A Showing & Fill Out An Applications For Free:

Contact us HERE! Or Call/Text 618-559-5245.
Be sure to note which house(s) you are interested in and preferred showing times.

Your names and email addresses hold your place in the queue for your preferred home.

Bring a photo ID - and all your mates! - to your House showing.
 You will be touring homes that people are living in, so we must see your ID before you enter to protect our tenants' privacy.   Because of COVID, we will only be inside the homes toured briefly. Dress for the weather as we may need to chat outside to protect our current keepers' privacy.! If you like what you see, then FILL OUT THE APPLICATION!)

 Apps are FREE and required to reserve your spot in the queue.
 You can complete it and text or email it OR, better yet, bring it with you to your showing if you want to move up in the queue.
Tell us your names, ages and year in school.
Be sure to note which house(s) you are interested in and, if you were referred by anyone, who that person was.
Our own "Keepers" are great references for q's you may have.


Download "CC E-Cubed Application PDF.docx"

 24/25 CCLLC Lease

Take a look at our 2024-25 Lease, specifically before you sign it!
 If we all agree on your renting a given house, then you will sign a one-year lease, typically  Aug 1 to July 25, aug 5 to July 28 or Aug 12 to Aug 5. At lease signing a deposit payment equal to one month's rent is required by all housemates. Twelve monthly rent payments are then due, the first at signing or in July. For more info on lease signing and how to pay the deposit equal to one month's rent, click here.

The Common Sense Guidelines, Cleaning Checklist and Charges and the Move-In Memo documents also compose part of the lease packet as well. The Move In Memo is provided as a hard copy at signing and as a PDF, along with the lease, within a few weeks after signing.

Our leases are joint and several leases.
That means you are responsible for your own individual rent as well as that of the total household rent for the entire lease term.  Just as we choose you carefully, you will want to do the same with your future housemates. If you wish to have the major perk of an individual lease, that is, limited liability for anyone but yourself, then you and your house mates may consider having co-signer, as described below!

Download "CCLLC LEASE 24-25 final.pdf"

Co-Signer Agreement

Having your parent's or guarantor's signature on the Co-Signer Agreement assures us that your share of the total rent will be covered, but also gives your parents/guarantor limited liability for anyone but you.

 IT IS NOT TYPICALLY REQUIRED*, but having co-signers is an option we offer all our tenants, particularly those moving out of the dorms for the first time. If one housemate wants it, then ALL housemates must agree to it and submit a notarized Cosigner agreement at lease signing or by the date of your first rental payment.

*A co-signer is not typically required if you can show proof of loans, scholarship or parental support. However, it will be required if there is no proof of regular and reliable income, which is at least equal to three times your total rent, and/or if this is your first off-campus rental experience.

Download "CCLLC CO-SIGNER PDF.pdf"

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Pet Agreement

 Pet agreement is only allowed in certain homes typically with one well-behaved small pet per home. You must have owned pet at least a year. You will need to have this approved and signed by both your landlord and all your housemates AT LEASE SIGNING before bringing your furry friend to your new home.

Dangerous breeds, whether full or mixed,  are not allowed by our insurance and are also forbidden to visit. 
 Misbehaving or dangerous pets will be required to be removed if any act of aggression is committed.

Please note: the non-refundable pet fee is $350 per pet and is due with the August rent payment. As part of this agreement, you must provide proof of both pet care record and renters insurance.