• What makes these "Quality" homes?
  • We want to tour some houses. How do we do that?
  • How long are the leases? Can we do a six month lease?
  • What if we need a place in May or June?
  • Yes! We want to sign. What next? 
  • When do I pay the deposit?
  • How To Pay?
    How To Pay: Online. Check. Cash.  
  • What if I am on student loans and need a different payment schedule?
  • Can we have a pet? And hey, why not a puppy or kitty?


Our homes all have:
  • Close walking distance to SIU campus
  • Central heat and air conditioning (Please note: those homes designated as energy efficient offer significant savings in heating and cooling costs!)
  • Washer/dryer either off hall or in its own area, hall or room
  • Updated kitchen with icemaker refrigerator, dishwashergarbage disposal, electric stove, garbage disposal, and built-in microwave/hood.
  • Easy clean wood/porcelain in most homes; a few with waterproof vinyl.
  • Prompt and skilled maintenance, both as needed and routinely for preventive measures. 
  • Lawn maintenance and adequate tenant parking w/free permits
  • Online reporting of repairs speeds completion.
  • Free and secure online rent payment if paid from checking account.
  • Tenants pay for all utilities, unless otherwise indicated. Trash pickup provided at Chautauqua, Mill and Forest Street homes.

We want to tour some houses. How do we do that?

Gather your housemates to identify a few 45–60-minute time slots that work for you. We prefer to schedule house showings between 1- 5 p.m. Monday - Friday. But some people are morning people, while others are not, so just let us know what you need when you email or call or text 618-559-5245. We like to give our residents at minimum a day's notice so do plan to schedule ahead. Check out the FORMS page to share with your future housemates or your parents.

What if we need a place in May or June?

We offer an early release to tenants of the house you would like to lease but as long as their lease is in good standing, it is up to them to decide whether they will accept that offer. If it is accepted, we do require those wanting a June lease to sign a 14 month agreement to stay consistent with the rental cycle on this campus.

Yes! We want to sign. What next? 

Review Sample Lease documents (above) while we screen the references listed on your application. Once you "pass", we let you (know by text or email to set up a time to meet as a group. 
2. Our leases require the payment of the security deposit at signing, the equivalent of one month's rent, as well as 12 monthly payments.  You may pay the deposit with a check, money order or cash.
3. Future payments may also be paid online. Our tenants have found to be a secure and convenient method of individual payments and accounts within a joint lease.

When do I pay the deposit?

Your deposit is typically the same amount as your rent and is due at lease signing as a check or money order, made out to CCLLC or E-Cubed. If you receive an invitation from us to pay online, that must be paid before lease signing or within the following week. Once your deposit is paid in full, we email you specific house and payment info, a PDF copy of your lease and a detailed Move-In Memo. That way you can  start planning early for utility setup and the furniture you wil need to bring.

When and How To Pay Rent?

Your first payment toward rent is due at signing or or at a later agreed date, usually July first. Your remaining 11 payments are due monthly beginning August 1. Your payments are then complete by the following June.
If you choose to renew, your deposit rolls forward and you keep paying monthly, typically until the following June, depending on your contract.
While that extra payment can be tough at startup, the advantage is that when moving out in late July, that month will have already been paid.
PLEASE NOTE: we allow payment variations within a lease to individuals, such as those who show proof of student loans or have other circumstances (see page ten of the sample lease)

How To Pay: Check. Cash. Online. 
Three payment options of online payment, mailed checks and direct cash payments at bank:
ONLINE: we send you a link to that allows you to choose to open an account. When you pay online from a checkbook, it is FREE! But if you use a debit or credit card, there is a 2.7 percent fee!
CHECKS can be sent to the addres on your lease. We prefer checks to pay our own bills but COVID hit the post office so hard that late fees on payments that didn't arrive hit us hard. be sure to note your address on your check and mail it so it arrives by the 5th of each month.
CASH can be paid at our bank. It is not accepted in person. Rather, you can make a payment at our bank during their business hours. The banker will give you a receipt that shows it was deposited into our account. Put your name and address on that receipt and email a picture to us asap so we can record it..

During COVID, about 90 percent of our renters have found the online online payment option to be convenient and reliable. Receipts are not generally given for rent paid by check, but online renters do get a receipt. Likewise, landlords get notice of each of those payments.
Remember - is not an accounting service but only a payment service.
 Bruce keeps individual accounting of all payments made for each address.  Periodically we send whole house statements so that we can be sure our records match yours. On rare occasions an error is found, so do review the statement when it is disbursed. 

How long are the leases? Can we do a six month lease?        

Our leases are 12 month minimum, and typically are dated August 1 to July 25, August 5 to July 28, or August 10 to Aug 3. (June 1 leases are set at 14 months.)
Six month leases are not common but are possible if you become the fifth or sixth person in one of our houses that has a 4/5 or 5/6 person option and your housemates agree to you being the fifth or sixth person for one semester. HOWEVER, If you are in a lease and your situation changes and you need only the first six months of a 12 month lease lease, then it is your responsibility to find your replacement for the other six months.

DO YOU EED A HOUSEMATE? We sometimes have groups looking for a mate so do give us a ring to see if we know prospects you can call.

What if I am on student loans and need a different payment schedule?

We ask that you provide documentation of the loans on your application. If you choose not to follow the monthly payment plan from July to June, you can follow the protocol outlined on page 10 of your lease:
Rent Payment Variation for Tenant on Loans or Refunds:
1. Tenant agrees to e-mail or provide copy of award statement that Landlord keeps with lease packet.
2. At lease signing, Tenant agrees to pay one month’s payment as security deposit.
3. Tenant agrees to pay for each semester when the "refund" is distributed as follows:
Payment One: Due no later than August 31, 2018: Seven Months of Rent
Payment Two: Due no later than January 25,2019: Five Months of Rent 

Can we have a pet? And why not a puppy? I have more questions. HELP!

No Pets policy with exceptions in certain homes for well-behaved small pets you have owned at least a year at the time of lease signing. To be clear, no puppies or kittens who have not yet learned where to chew, scratch, pee or poo are allowed.  If all your mates agree, a nonrefundable pet fee of $350 is due each year with August rent payment, the pet agreement must be agreed upon by all household members at lease signing and proof of renters insurance must be presented.
As for More Questions, give our Forms Page a good review. The lease is actually a rich source of info, not just a bunch of legal jargon. Focus on the Common Sense Guidelines and the Cleaning Checklist. And once you sign on, our Move-In Memo is a great tool to get you thinking about your next home!